XP-Protector Windows® Vista® compatibility

With the release of Windows Vista in January 2007 the question of XP-Protector with this new operating system arises. On this page you will find information about features of XP-Protector which are and are not compatible with Vista,

Compatibility statement:

XP-Protector was designed for Windows XP and Windows 2000 and is not fully functional on Windows Vista. Note that in many cases XP-Protector will not report any error when you enable certain feature or restriction. The feature just will not work because required system service is no longer available in Vista.

Due to many new features included in Vista which provide the same functionality as XP-Protector does, it currently does not seem feasible for me to create a version of XP-Protector for Windows Vista. You may decide to use XP-Protector on Windows Vista but many features will not be working. See below for details. Please do not contact me for help in such case. On the other hand, if you think "XP-Protector for Vista" would be useful, let me know through the Feedback form.


The following table lists the features of XP-Protector which are or aren't working on Windows Vista:

Feature Works? Note
Windows user account settings Yes E.g. setting a password, disabling account etc.
Access rights for files and folders Yes Defining access rights for files on NTFS disks.
Program restrictions Yes
 (on 32-bit editions)
Restricting users from running certain programs based on time of the day, day of week etc.
User policies No Restricting access to system settings, e.g. disabling context menu, control panel etc. It seems the locations of these restrictions has moved in the system registry so XP-Protector will set them without error but they will have no effect. 
Internet restrictions No? Technically the internet restrictions should work. It is not possible to configure the proxy server from XP-Protector but it should be possible to do it from each user's account. I did not manage though. 
Logon restrictions provided by XP-Protector No These are restrictions which include limited number of minutes per day, limited number of logons etc. The key component for this feature is no longer supported by Vista. Though no error will be reported by XP-Protector it will not be notified of user's logons so the restrictions will not work.
Start menu and Desktop editor No The location of the Desktop and Start menu folders has been moved in Windows Vista so the editors in XP-Protector will not find these folders.

This table was last updated according to Windows Vista RC2 and may not be completely correct at present. 

Note that XP-Protector is not digitally signed so Windows Vista will ask you whether you trust this program. Also the driver for enforcing user rights is not signed so it will not be working on 64-bit editions of Vista which require signed drivers.