XP-Protector Help: Tutorial

Editing Start menu and Desktop for users         (5/7)

XP-Protector lets you easily edit Start menu and Desktop of each user. Maybe you know that the desktop and start menu are folders located typically in C:\Documents and Settings\[user name]... and you can edit their contents using Windows Explorer. But in XP-Protector you can do it comfortably and also define some special options.

Editing Start menu:

  1. Use these check-boxes to define additional options such as prevent user from changing his/her Start menu.

  2. You can Rename or Delete items and also create new folders and shortcuts in the Start menu.

  3. The same commands are also available from context menu.

It is possible to drag and drop items from the right tree to the left one and also move or copy items in the left tree. Note that the right tree is "read only". It serves as a source of items. The Start menu you want to edit should be displayed in the tree on the left.

  Click this button to open the Start menu folder in Windows Explorer.


Editing Desktop:


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