XP-Protector Help: Tutorial

Starting and working with XP Protector          (1/7)

When you start XP Protector (Start - Programs - XP Protector  - XP Protector) you will see following window:

This is Control panel, the main window of XP-Protector Control center. In this program, the Control center, you do all the work with XP-Protector, such as define restrictions for users, edit their access rights or create new user accounts. 

There are also other parts of  XP-Protector security system which you normally don't see because they do their job in the background. These components together are called XP-Protector protective shield

For basic work with XP-Protector you can use the Control panel. To access all the settings, you will need to display Advanced settings tree. To do so, click this icon in the toolbar:


When working with the tree, you choose a category in the tree view and then edit the settings in the window on right-hand side:


From any window, you can quickly return to the Control panel by clicking its icon in the toolbar:

XP-Protector maintains its own event log. It lists all important events related to XP Protector. Events are of three types: information, warning and error. You can double click any event to see more information about it. For more information see Event Log topic in the program help file.


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