Protector2 history

FIX: bug fixed NEF: new feature

Protector2 version 1.0 Released sometime about April 1998

Protector2 version 1.1 (October 1999)

NEF: Quick lock makes it possible to secure your computer even if you don't have the protection shield installed. FIX: A file could be deleted with NONE user right. 
FIX: Some preference settings were not loaded during Windows startup.

Protector2 version 1.2 (January 2000)

NEF: Due more predefined exclusions and changes in protection shield Protector2 is now running more reliable on Win 98 systems. 
NEF: Exclusions have no longer absolute priority against user rights. Instead the higher access right is used. 
NEF: Profile Cleaner utility for cleaning system policy restriction for user profiles after uninstalling Protector2. 
FIX: User rights were not enforced for long file paths when short name version was used.

Protector2 version 1.3 (March 2000)

NEF: Special rights Disable, Enable and For All users are more flexible than former exclusions. 
NEF: More system policy settings in Protector2 NEF: Aceess denied log file records now contain user name and time 
NEF: Protector2 login available. 
NEF: Hide Cancel button from Windows login dialog. 
NEF: Users login and logout times can be logged into file. 
NEF: Protector2 can display “access denied” message defined by administrator. NEF: User rights can be exported to a file and imported back

Protector2 version 1.4 (September 2000)

NEF: Tree Editor for easy editing user rights. 
NEF: SuperUser flag which turns off the protection for this user. 
NEF: Anti-virus monitor helps to protect your computer from computer viruses. 
NEF: Improved install and uninstall program. 
FIX: Network Neighborhood was not hidden. FIX: Bug in deleting user accounts.

Protector2 version 2.0 (February 2001)

NEF: Protector2 logon is now fully integrated with system or network logon. 
NEF: New user account wizard helps set basics rights and restrictions according to selected user group. NEF: More options for restricting access to system settings. 
NEF: Logon time for users can be limited. NEF: All special rights (exclusions) can be customised for each user. NEF: Comfortable user rights editor includes rights to files. NEF: Contents of folder with NO rights cannot be viewed (openned). 
NEF: Users can be allowed to change their Protector2 passwords. 
NEF: Users can be allowed to lock desktop.

Protector2 version 2.1 (April 2001)

NEF: Protector2 can now be used on Windows Millennium edition. 
NEF: Many items in Control panels can be hidden or disabled. NEF: Protector2 can now display list of users in the logon dialog box. 
NEF: Improved login time limitations: x minutes per day, from x o’clock, to x o’clock. 
NEF: Documents and Recycle bin icons can now be hidden and Active desktop can be disabled. 
NEF: Improved user interface.

Protector2 version 2.2 (October 2001)

NEF: Running programs can be restricted for users. 
NEF: Settings and user accounts can be exported / imported from files. 
NEF: New user can be created as a copy of existing user. 
NEF: Improved user interface. + Other minor improvements and fixed bugs.

Protector2 version 2.3 (January 2002)

NEF: New user interface design for easier and more comfortable work. 
NEF: Security tab in folder and file properties in Windows Explorer. 
NEF: New user right “Create, but not delete”. + Other minor improvements and fixed bugs.

Protector2 version 2.4 (December 2002)

NEF: Access to the Internet can be restricted.
NEF: Number of logons for user can be limited on daily basis.