Protector2 is a program intended to increase security on Windows 9x/ME computers. Computer secured with Protector2 will gain some security features which are common to secure systems like Unix or Windows NT. These features include: 

  • Every user has to logon to system before he/she is allowed to use the computer. 
  • User can work only with those files and folders he/she has access rights to. 
  • User is allowed to change only those system setting defined by administrator. 

For more information see Overview of Protector2 features later on this page and also Why Protector2.

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 Try it without risk 

No security features are automatically enabled by installing Protector2. You can install Protector2 as you would any other programs and see if you like it without any risk of locking up your computer. You can create user accounts and edit user rights and only when you are ready, you enable (install) the security features. You can also disable these features at any time and enable them again by single mouse click.

Overview of Protector2 features 

  • Control access to your computer – only allowed users can use the computer. 
  • Time control – for allowed users, you can define how long and from what time to what time they can use the computer. 
  • Access to files – you can define user rights for files and folders to prevent deleting programs, viewing secret documents and so on. 
  • Running programs – define which programs user can run. 
  • System changes – prevent users from changing system settings, including for example date and time or start page of Internet Explorer. There are plenty of restrictions available in different categories, which include:
    • Desktop: disable changes, hide Recycle bin, disable Active desktop... 
    • Start menu – disable changes, hide Run, Find, Settings commands... 
    • Network – hide entire network and network neighborhood, disable changes to settings for shared files or printers... 
    • Software – disable MS-Dos programs, registry tools… 
    • Control Panel – disable access to individual icons or to whole Control panel. 
    • Display – disable wallpaper, screensaver or settings changes or disable whole Display panel. 
    • Printers – disable adding or deleting printer, disable printer setup. 
  • Registry protection – critical items in Windows registry are protected against changes. 
  • Internet restrictions - define pages which can or can not be visited, limit the time on internet, data transfer and more. 
  • Monitoring - Protector2 can archive date and time when users logged on/off and attempts to change protected files.

Protector2 can be configured to recognize users that are not bothered by the protection. It is possible for example to turn off the access rights and registry protection for selected user(s).

User's guide 

User's manual will help you understand concepts of Protector2 and learn how to use all of its features. The manual is available for free download.

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System requirements 

  • Windows 95, 98 or ME operating system. 
  • 2,5 MB of free hard disk space.

Trial version 

Trial version of Protector2 is offered for evaluation. This version has some limitations compared to the full (registered) version: 

  • Maximal number of users (accounts) you can create is 2 (two). 
  • Minimal granted number of user rights for each user is 3. 
  • Maximal number of internet sites and keywords you can define is 2 for each. 
  • The time limit for the Internet can be either "unlimited" or less than 9 minutes. 
  • The data limit for the Internet cannot be defined higher than 1 MB (except for unlimited). 
  • Registration reminder window appears when you run the program.

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