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Freeware and source code

Follow this link to get some free utilities and other programs. You can also download some sample source code.

Discontinued products

These programs are still available for download, but we do not develop them any further. Typically, these programs are out of date and not usable or useful with current hardware and/or operating systems.

Flash Securer - the easy way to keep your data secure

Flash Securer will allow you to carry your sensitive documents on flash drive encrypted so that nobody can get to them, yet you will be able to use it as easily as before and will not even have to enter any password when using it on your computer(s).

Flash Synchron

Automatically synchronize data between one or more computers and flash drive. You can synchronize any number of files and folders fromdifferent locations on each computer using one flash drive. Read more or download.

Secure Runner

Securer Runner makes it possible for the administrator to let limited users work with programs whichrequire administrator rights to run properly without giving those users password for administrator account. 

XP-Protector - the ultimate solution for parental control.

XP-Protector is security tool for Windows XP and Windows 2000. It allows you to restricts the use of the computer for different users including the time spenton the computer, access to files and folders, programs that can be run, access to system settings and so on. Read more...

HomeMail - email as you might not know it

HomeMail will enable you to send emails either within one computer or among computers within a local network. It's ideal option for leaving messages andsharing files within a family or small company - just send an email! Read more...

Protector2 - security on Windows 9x systems made possible

Protector2 is a program intended to increase security on Windows 9x/MEcomputers. Computer secured with Protector2 will gain some security features typical for secure systems like Unix or Windows NT/2000.  Read more...

CryptoFish - your data secure, yet ready at your hand.

Very easy to use encryption utility. Encrypt and decrypt your files and folders to protect them from unauthorized use. Open encrypted files with doubleclick from your file manager as if they were not encrypted. Secured, yet at always your hand! Read more...


With this program you can use your bad diskettes again. If the diskettecannot be formatted by your system, use it with Disketer. Disketer uses special file system with floating FAT, which enables to use diskette "to the lastgood sector". Also supports splitting files and fixing files with bad sectors. Read more...