The program lets you save and restore screen resolution, gamma settings and desktop icons position. New version released on January 3rd 2011 adds support for Windows 7 including 64-bit version.


There are many applications which allow you to obtain the password from the edit window filled by the stars.
This is one of them. Try it!
To test whether the program is able to pull the password from a particular window, just download it and see.
Without a license code, the program exposes only the first letter of wanted password. The license is completely free.
You just need to send us email with your application code and you will get the license code (for free). To obtain a license code, use our contact form. (Don’t forget to insert the Application code of your program, which you will find in the program About box.)

Download PassShow.


Would you like to know the download and upload traffic on your computer?
How much data you downloaded/upload today, or in the past week, month, year, or in any other interval?
With NetDataShow you can do this easily.
It also allows monitoring each connected network separately.
You can also use it as an indicator of the current speed of your transfers.
The program runs as a service application so it can be running hidden to the user.
In addition, the program maintains information about your computer run time, so for example, after a month, you can see how long your computer has been turned on.

Download NetDataShow.

The freeware version which can be downloaded using the link above has no time limitation. The only limitation is absence of long-time statistics view.
Actually, you can go around this restriction using the day view option which is available in free version.


If you are not satisfied with the standard MS Windows features on time synchronization and want something more, try DNetTime. You can use more time-servers in order of priority. You can specify the download period. Besides using the single user downloading an application can work as a Windows service and perform the periodic download even when nobody is logged in the system.
The program supports command line and can therefore be used for your own application and specific requirements, such as time synchronization without interaction with the user.

Download DNetTime.

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