How it works

  1. Flash Securer creates a hidden folder on your flash drive – secured folder.

  1. On your computer image of this folder is created. By default the image folder is located on your desktop.

  1. You always deal with the image folder, never directly with the folder on your flash drive.

  1. Flash Securer takes care of keeping the image folder and the secured folder on flash drive up-to-date with each other (synchronized).

5. The folders are synchronized whenever you connect or disconnect the flash. You can also synchronize manually at any time by clicking a button.

  1. When copying data from the image to the secured folder on the flash, Flash Securer encrypts it with a password

  1. The password may be stored on your computers or you may decide to enter it every time you connect the flash drive.

  1. In any case if you loose your flash drive or it is stolen the encrypted data is of no use to anyone without knowing your password.

Revision: February 2007