Here you will find step-by-step tutorial for using the app.

For more info about the features of the app please see Introduction.

There are 3 buttons in the main screen for the most common actions. You can find more functions in the menu.

In this tutorial we will:

  1. Create a shop and edit the order of goods (categories) in the shop.
  2. Create shopping list
  3. Go shopping

1. Create a shop and edit the order of categories in the shop

Tip: You can use the Back button to hide the keyboard.


2. Create shopping list

Tip: The categories which are defined for current shop will be in bold letters in the list.

add item


Tip: If you use the single check-mark, the item will be added but the window will not close. This way you can add more items quickly.

Tip: Try writing "a" into the Name field. A list will appear with suggestions for autocomplete with apples in it. If you select it, all the data you entered earlier will be filled in - the category, amount and price. But don't select it now; we already have apples in the list.



3. Shopping

Tip: In Settings you can select whether an item should be marked as bought by tapping anywhere on it or in the check-box only.

Other tips

In the info bar above the list you can see the price of the items on your list.
If you long-touch an item, there will be a window with detailed info about the item, for example, the date of last change, note etc.
You can change the size of the text in the shopping list in Settings so that it is comfortable to do your shopping.

Next shopping

When you finish shopping, the items you've bought are checked but they are still in the list. You can delete them using the Remove bought action from the menu.
Or you can tap the check-box next to an item to mark is as not-bought and prepare your shopping list for next shopping this way.

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