JShopper is an app for managing shopping lists and for easier shopping. You can have all the things you need to buy in one place, well organized and always with you in your phone.

How it works.

Step-by-step tutorial.

Advantages of the app

Sort items in the order in which they are found in the shop

You don't need to run back when you find out that the tomatoes at the end of your shopping list are in the vegetables department right by the entrance to the shop. In the app your shopping list is sorted in the order in which the items are arranged in the shop - so you just go from top to bottom of your list.

Autocomplete for creating the shopping list

The app will remember items you enter. Next time you can just type the first letter of the name and select the item from the list of suggestions. All item data such as category, price, etc. will be filled in (provided you entered them earlier). 

Sync the shopping lists across multiple phones/tablets

You can have a tablet in the kitchen for writing what you need to buy and do the shopping with your phone - the shopping lists will be synced.

Import shopping lists from emails or SMS

You can send text with items to buy to JShopper from an email, SMS or any other app. JShopper will look for similar items in the autocomplete memory and let you choose which item to use, so the imported items are full-fledged with category and price even if the text contains just item names.

Separate shopping lists for different shops

In the app each shopping list is connected with a shop. So there is no global list in which the food would be mixed up with screws and tools.

The shops can also be organized in a parent/child relationship. For example, you can have a shop "Supermarket"with children Walmart and Lidl. The goods you can buy in any supermarket can be placed in the Supermarket list. Then you will see it when shopping both in Walmart and Lidl.Your favorite chocolate which they only sell in Lidl will go to the list for Lidl, so that you don't see it while shopping in Walmart.

Sharing shopping lists with others

It is easy to do the shopping for your relatives or friends if you share your shopping lists with each other. The items from other user's list will appear in your list so you can buy them together with your items. It's also possible to have private items which are not shared.

Showing the price of the bought items

While shopping you can see the price of the items you already bought. So you won't be surprised at the cash register.

Showing items in the list later

During the weekend you look at the offers for next week in your favorite supermarket and there is something you like. But it will be on sale only on Thursday. You don't want to forget it but you also don't want to have it in the list during your Monday's shopping. You can set it to show up on Thursday in the app - no problem.

Mark items as On Sale

In the list you can mark an item as On sale - there will be a star next to it in the list - so it will be easier for you to find it.

Note: Many of the functions described above will only work if  you enter the additional properties for the items in your shopping list. For example, if you don't enter the price, you won't see the correct total price of your shopping. But this doesn't mean that preparing your shopping list takes lot of typing. The app will autocomplete items you entered sometime earlier, so preparing your shopping list is very fast - actually faster than writing it on a paper.

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