How it works

There are three types of items in the app:

For details on these items please see below.

When creating a shopping list, first select a shop.

Then add items. You can enter additional info about the item besides name - such as category, price, amount etc. There is autocomplete available which remembers also the additional info so if you enter an item once, next time you can just type first letter of its name and select it from the list - everything will be filled in automatically.

When doing the shopping, first select the shop in which you are about to start shopping.

Then touch an item in the list to mark it as bought (checked).

There are many options in the app, for example, you can use only one shop (shopping list) without selecting the shop each time. You can also use the app on several phones or tablets and have the shopping lists synced so they are the same on all the devices.

To learn how to use the app please see the tutorial.

Categories and shops

Item category
The category of shopping-list item should match the department in the shop where you can buy this item, such as bakery, fruit, vegetables, etc. If you set the category for your items, the shopping list can be sorted in the order in which the items are found in the shop - so you can just buy the items from top of the list to the bottom as you move thru the shop.

There are several categories already created when you install the app but you can create any categories you like and/or delete the default ones.

Shop is the place where you want to buy the item. One item can be assigned to several shops -  for example, if you want to buy tomatoes but you're not sure yet whether you'll go to your local grocery store or to supermarket. It will still be one item in two shops so if you buy it in the supermarket, you will see it as already bought in the grocery store.

The shops can also be organized in a parent/child relationship. For example, you can have a shop "Supermarket"with children Walmart and Lidl. If you want to buy the item in any supermarket, you can put it into the parent shop :Supermarket". And you will see it also in all child shops of Supermarket, e.g. Walmart and Lidl.

There is also a special shop "All Shops". The items you put into this shop will be visible in all shops. This is useful for thing which you can buy anywhere or if you just want to add some item to your shopping list without thinking about the shop now.

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