With this program you can use your bad diskettes again.
If the diskette cannot be formatted by your system, use it with Disketer
Disketer uses special file system with floating FAT, which enables to use diskette "to the last good sector". Also supports splitting files and fixing files with bad sectors.


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Main features



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More info

Disketer is a 32-bit Windows 95/98 application, which will help you to use your bad diskettes - which are not usable in ”normal” way because of some bad sectors in system area or so. With Disketer you can copy files on these diskettes and back to your hard drive though operating system will tell you ”There is no disk in drive or disk is not formatted”.
Disketer is easy to use and takes advantages of 32-bit Windows capability.

What can I use Disketer for?

File transport - sometimes diskettes are still the only way how to move files from one computer to another. They are however not very reliable and if you are copying big file say from five diskettes, usually some bad sectors will appear. In this case Disketer offers a way how to copy such file despite of this and repair it by transfering only the bad sectors again and not the whole file.

File backup - if you backup file on Disketer's diskette, you have the same chance the file is ok as on every other diskette, but with Disketer you can:
- copy the some file on one diskette several times without renaming it - Disketer uses special FAT and will recognize the proper file - and this way increase your data security.
- if some sectors went bad, you can still use good parts of the file.
- if some system sector (such as FAT) went bad, you can save files using Disk service which is included in Disketer. This tool will scan all sectors on diskette and build up all files found here.

What advantages does Disketer offer?

*Use of diskette "till the very end -till the last sector". Floating FAT system used by Disketer makes it possible to use diskette even if there are bad sectors in system area.
* Repairing files- Maybe you know the feeling when you copy large compressed file on a couple of diskettes and it’s lost because of one bad sector. With Disketer you can later bring only this bad sector and repair the file.
*Copying any part of a file- If you want to transport 10 MB file, you do not need 7 diskettes. You can have only one. With Disketer you can copy first part of the file, write down where you have finished and next time you can continue just where you have stopped.


How does it work?

Diskette is divided into many small parts named sectors. Each file is stored in one or more sectors. Besides that there also must be some table which defines what files and folders are on the diskette. This file allocation table (FAT) also occupies several sectors. Operating system Dos or Windows® uses fixed parts (certain sectors) of diskettes to store info about files on it (FAT and root directory). If some of this sectors are bad, whole diskette is market as not usable. This situation is quite frequent because: on hard drive, heads are not in physical contact with the surface of the disk and this makes the number of possible cycles -read/write- almost infinite. But on diskette, heads touch the surface and number of write operations is not so big. This number still can seem to be high enough, but after every delete/add file on diskette, system needs to change information about files - FAT and root directory sectors must be rewritten. This way normal ”file sector” is after year of use rewritten say three times, but FAT sector might have been changed thousand times.

Disketer uses floating FAT, which can lay anywhere on diskette. This cannot prevent FAT sectors from damages, however in that case Disketer simply moves affected part to another location.